Bigg Boss 13: Himanshi Khurana tells Rashami that he will confess his love for Asim before leaving the show

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Himanshi Khurana Re-entry home during a connection task has brought happiness to Asim Riaz . The young man is radiant with joy since Himanshi entered the house. The model turned actor fell to her knees and proposed to Himanshi, but she did not return to her feelings. She has been holding back her feelings, which has raised many eyebrows.

In fact, many housemates are discussing how Himanshi is allowing Asim to approach her and the amount of closeness they share. In the last episode, Himanshi talks to Rashami and they discuss his current situation.

Himanshi tells Rashami that he likes Asim, but that he will leave the house and answer a call. Rashami tells Himanshi that things are not clear on her side and that she has been talking about herself since she entered the house and what happened between the Chow and her. She asks him not to befriend Asim. Himanshi says it was very neat in his mind when he entered. However, someone close to Asim has asked him not to commit to Asim inside the house. Rashami tells Himanshi that what she is saying now is impractical.

She tries to make her understand if she has feelings that nobody else matters. Himanshi accepts that he feels something for Asim, but there are many things he has to know about him and that he wants to clarify things first. Rashami tells him to accept his feelings and then sort things out of the house. Himanshi praises Asim for having the guts and accepting his feelings in front of Salman Khan. She agrees to express and confess her feelings before leaving the house.

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