Do not look at development goals in isolation, the link is the key

NEW DELHI: suggesting a roadmap to reach 2030, Economic highlights the need to work on an SDG nexus approach.

Stressing how the SDGs should be interconnected, he cites the example of electrification, which is not only about energy, but also has an impact on infrastructure quality and even education in schools. Many of the health improvement schemes that provide pediatric care, emergency services for newborns, and successful vaccination depend largely on the availability of health centers. There is a positive relationship between electricity consumption and the drop in the infant mortality rate, he says.

The year 2019 marked the fourth anniversary of the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement. “With the adoption of the SDGs, the government's goal is to strengthen its development priorities with SDG indicators. There are links between several SDGs and they have strong impacts on policy reinforcement. The nexus approach employs the principles of integration of management and governance in all sectors and scales, says the survey.

“Globally, it is observed that schools with electricity outperform non-electrified schools in terms of staff retention, dropout and other educational indicators. Basic infrastructure, such as electricity and separate toilets for girls and boys, create a healthy and positive environment in schools, ”says the Survey report.

“It is observed that with electricity, schools have access to modern teaching methods, which leads to the integral development of students. Access to Information and (ICT) methods and imparting computer skills in schools requires reliable electrical connections, he says.