Postpone weddings: Kerala to relatives of quarantined people

THRISSUR: One day after a girl student who had returned from positive for novel (nCoV), the health minister, KK Shailaja, asked the families of those who returned from China and other regions affected by the coronavirus and who are currently in home quarantine postpone weddings and other activities social to avoid a possible outbreak of the disease. disease.

“Family members of those in home quarantine after returning from China and other countries affected by the coronavirus should postpone marriages and other social functions in their families for a period of 28 days. Those family members who had direct contact with returnees must also remain in their homes during that period, ”said the minister.

In, 125 people are under observation. Fifteen people have been admitted in theaters, 12 in the medical school and 3 in the general hospital. A total of 110 people are under home quarantine, Shailaja said later during a press conference.

Alappuzha Medical College Hospital sources have said that two other students — classmates of the girl who tested positive for nCoV — have been admitted to the isolation ward of the hospital. “Their body fluid samples have been sent to National Institute of Virology (NIV), Pune and we hope that the results will be received soon. Their condition is stable, ” said an official from the MCH.

Health department officials will provide all assistance to these people in their homes, said K K Shailaja.