Revived Aircel-Maxis cases; new problems for PC, Karti

NEW DELHI: On new problems for the former minister P Chidambaram , a Delhi court has revived the Aircel-Maxis cases filed by him and the DE against him and his son who were postponed sine die.

The case was postponed 'sine die' (without setting any date for the hearing) on ​​September 5 of last year by the court, which had indicated that the two investigation agencies were seeking one postponement after another. The court had also granted an advance bond to the father-son duo. He has been challenged in the superior court of Delhi, which will listen to him on March 4.

The trial court dealt with the matter on January 28 and requested the status report of the Central Research Office (CBI) and the Directorate of Execution (ED) on Friday. However, they searched for more time and the court granted them two weeks.

District Judge Sujata Kohli said the accusations mentioned in the charge sheet appear to be quite serious in nature and keeping the matter as sine die postponed did not lead to the interest of justice. The first order sheets of the predecessor (the judge who presided over the matter before) clearly showed that he was not willing to postpone the matter at all and all the postponements were reluctantly given ... I am of the opinion considered that keeping this matter as 'sine die postponed', would not be conducive to the interest of justice and the file is revived/restored to its original number. CBI/ED is aimed at presenting a new/updated status report, ”said the judge.

Additional attorney general Sanjay Jain, who appeared for the agencies, sought time to present the report, which was allowed. On September 6 of last year, the court postponed the case, noting that the CBI and the DE were seeking one postponement after another. Special judge O P Saini had postponed the matter without giving any date for an additional hearing, saying it would save the time of the court and the investigative agencies.