Kerala House rejects the opposition movement to seek the withdrawal of Arif

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Kerala assembly will not discuss the resolution notice submitted by the opposition leader Ramesh Chennithala asking the president to withdraw Governor Arif Mohammed Khan for his stance on the Citizenship Law (Amendment), sources said.

The matter was addressed by the House (BAC) on Friday and it was decided not to address the issue for discussion. “The opposition had asked for time to discuss the content of the resolution. The BAC concluded that due to the short session of the assembly there was a lack of time to discuss the matter, ”the assembly sources said.

The government had not accepted the content of the debate, the sources said, adding that the discussion will not happen. The resolution sought the withdrawal of the governor for violating all democratic principles and publicly questioning the pride of the legislature.

Law Minister A told reporters that the government wants to follow only the rules and does not want to go against the spirit of the constitution.

The President of Assembly P, Sreeramakrishnan, had previously argued that the notification for the UDF resolution was permissible by law and a final decision will be taken after discussion at the BAC.

In reaction to development, he said he would demand to discuss the matter in the BAC once again.

The government's decision was a challenge for the people of the state, he said. If this government respected people's feelings, it would have allowed discussion about the resolution, he added.