Advancement of Bigg Boss Kannada January 7, 31: Housemates to fulfill their wishes

The seventh edition of Bigg Boss Kannada has been memorable. From the fights to the confession, the season has had it all. With only one day ahead to the end, the contestants are preparing for their big day.

Recently, Bigg Boss had asked the finalists to share his last wish inside the house. Following your wish lists, Bigg Boss will be seen to fulfill them.

According to the latest promotion launched by the channel that broadcasts the program, it surely seems another day full of events inside the house. The finalists are seen fulfilling their last wish inside the house.

From sending Deepika to jail to granting a new luxury budget to housemates, Bigg Boss seems to have fulfilled all wishes.

In the previous episode, Shine Shetty was bothered by Bhoomi Shetty's lack of responsibility and asked him not to leave his clothes in the bathroom area. Activated by Shine's comments, Bhoomi mentioned that he is pointing at her for no reason and warned her not to highlight her mistakes in front of everyone. This finally led to a heated discussion.