GST technical problems: Infosys' top executives receive a summons from the Ministry of Finance

NEW DELHI: Finance has called on top executives to find out why the main technology has not been able to solve failures in the GST network system, which is causing difficulties to billions of dollars.

Senior Vice President C N and Vice President have been called to the ministry since the company has failed to eliminate the irritants during the past four or five months, sources said. The problems include a slowdown in the operation of the GSTN portal, error of login or automatic logout, lack of delivery or delay in the delivery of the single-use password (OTP), network error or timeout of the gateway, and the inability of taxpayers to load the GSTR-9C documents, among others.

Infosys declined to comment on the issue.

While companies have complained about problems with the platform for several months, it is only now that the government has begun acknowledging the concerns. In fact, repeated complaints have finally forced the government to stagger the payment and filing deadline for businesses to reduce rush on the GSTN platform.

Fuentes del government ahora afirmaron que el ministerio de finanzas ha estado destacando repetidamente el problema a Infosys, pero ahora ha tomado una nota seria de las dificultades y preocupaciones expresadas por los contribuyentes.

This is not the first time Infosys receives a warning about the operation of the GSTN system. In the early days of GST, a committee headed by the deputy chief minister had arrested Infosys for only deploying junior executives, who could not address the problems.