Greece ratifies important new military agreement with the United States

ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Greek lawmakers ratified an agreement with the United States on Thursday to significantly expand military cooperation as Greece faces growing tensions with neighboring Turkey. Members of parliament voted 175-33 to ratify the Mutual Defense Cooperation Agreement signed in October by the US Secretary of State. UU. Mike Pompeo during a visit to Athens. the provides for an increase in joint activities between the US UU. and Greece and NATO at the Greek military bases and facilities in Larissa, Stefanovikio and Alexandroupolis, in central and northern Greece, as well as infrastructure and other improvements to the US naval base at Souda Bay on the island of Crete. the U.S. Air Force is already operating MQ-9 Reaper drones out of Larissa airbase. This is for the mutual benefit of our defense and our economies, conservative lawmaker Ioannis Lambropoulos said in parliament before the vote. At a time when we are receiving threats to our sovereignty, we are seeking the support of our allies. Grecia está encerrada en una disputa con Turquía, el aliado de la OTAN, por the límites marítimos y the derechos de perforación de petróleo y gas en el Mediterráneo oriental, así como por Libia, devastada por la guerra. After leaving a prolonged financial crisis, Greece is planning multiple improvements to its armed forces, focusing on its air force and naval capabilities, largely with US and French defense firms. the government has expressed interest in purchasing MQ-9 Guardian drones and well as joining the F-35 fighter program at a later date. the plans were discussed at a White House visit earlier this month by Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Greece's main leftist opposition party said it was in favor of greater defense cooperation with the United States, but its legislators did not vote in favor of ratifying the agreement, arguing that Athens should first seek a broader commitment to support the United States. against the actions of Turkey. . the Greek Communist Party organized protest rallies in the capital and cities across the country to oppose the deal, arguing that Greece would be “dragged into dangerous overseas adventures.” the protests ended peacefully. ___ Follow Gatopoulos at This story has not been edited by the Times of India and is auto–generated from a syndicated feed we subscribe to. (This story has not been edited by and is automatically generated from a syndicated feed to which we subscribe.)