The next challenge for the manufacturing industry will come from the hired workers, says N. Srinivasan

CHENNAI: Among the many challenges it faces, the biggest challenge will not come from permanent workers but from contract workers, the Vice President and CEO of India Cements said Wednesday.

Addressing a one-day conference on Industry 4.0 and IR design thinking organized by the Madras Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Srinivasan said: We have 3,000 permanent workers when we start, but now we have less than 1,000, which will come up to 500 in the next deal. Upon realizing that their constituency is gone, the unions, to become relevant, will connect with the hired (non-permanent) workers.

This would make contract workers unionize. They would demand equal salary with permanent workers, he said.

I don't see how the manufacturing industry can ignore ... That's why we are all trying to reduce the total number of people. In such scenarios, automation and multiple employee training will help, ”he added.

Unions are not the problem, but the question of how management would address such situations.

He advised labor relations and human resources managers and also management to get involved with unions and transfer confidence to the entire organization in that process.

“This advice is not for the IT sector, but for the manufacturing sector. There is only one phrase that the Union can say: I want more, that is, a better and higher salary, said Srinivasan, who was part of eight salary agreements between 1992 and 2018. The workers are not really interested in the performance of the industry, but only better compensation.

He emphasized the importance of honesty and fair play with HR and IR. “Consistency and honesty are two other great features. If you are a fair person, the union will accept you, ”he said.