The center expands the reward scheme linked to productivity for the main port employees

NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet approved on Wednesday the extension of employees in the main ports and docks beyond the 2017-18 fiscal year, a decision that will benefit 28,821 people.

The annual expenditure for the scheme is estimated at around Rs 46 crore, the shipping ministry said in a statement.

The Cabinet has given its approval to extend the existing Productivity Linked Reward (PLR) scheme beyond 2017-18 until any changes to the scheme are made, he said.

The scheme would benefit 28,821 employees in the main ports and docks.

The PLR ​​will be calculated on the existing salary limit for the calculation of the bonus at Rs 7,000 per month. This scheme is fostering a better industrial relationship and a pleasant working atmosphere in the port sector, in addition to stimulating better productivity, the statement said.

The PLR ​​is granted to employees on the basis of the Composite Port Performance Index, weighing 50 percent for all of India's performance and the remaining weight for individual port performance, each year. It is also based on the agreement reached between management and labor federations of the main port trusts.

In general, the ports are managed by the respective port trust cards. There are 12 main ports in the country.