Prakash Ambedkar alleges lack of coincidence in the number of votes cast and counted

MUMBAI: (VBA) Friday's leader claimed there was a discrepancy in the number of votes polled and votes counted in more than 300 Lok Sabha constituencies, and sought an explanation of the Electoral Commission of India (ECI)

This was observed in all 48 seats of Lok Sabha in Maharashtra, he said.

The legitimacy of the Narendra Modi government at the Center would be questioned if these observations were correct, Ambedkar added.

Data from 22 constituencies (in Maharashtra) show that additional votes were accounted for (in excess), while in 26 constituencies the votes counted were lower than those voted, Ambedkar told reporters here.

The ECI, which has always maintained that electronic voting machines (EVM) can not be manipulated, should explain these discrepancies to ordinary people, he said.

If there is no explanation, we will launch an agitation against the ECI and go to court, he added.

Ambedkar, who was accompanied by VBA leader Gopichand Padalkar at the press conference, said he found such discrepancies in more than 300 parliamentary seats across the country.

It is a large number, covering approximately three quarters of the total seats ... This only strengthens public opinion that this election was not free and fair and that the votes they cast were not properly recorded, he added.

According to the VBA, in 26 seats of Lok Sabha in Maharashtra, the number of votes counted was less than the number of votes cast.

These include Raigad (alleged difference of 16), Pune (alleged difference of 306), Mumbai South (111), Mumbai North (196), Mumbai North East (540), Mumbai North Central (1,026), Baramati (550), Satara (174), Maval (346), Nagpur (786), Solapur (132), Latur (880) and Parbhani (2,101).

The difference between these 26 electoral districts adds up to a total of 13,998 votes, the VBA said.

In 22 other seats, the number of votes counted was greater than that of the votes surveyed, he argued.

These include Aurangabad (1,207 extra votes), Wardha (1,380), Bhandara-Gondia (744), Beed (665), Akola (139), Nanded (139), Mumbai North West (306) and Mumbai South Central (79), He said. The total number of votes in excess was 7,196, the VBA claimed.

The VBA disputed the 48 benches in Maharashtra in the elections of Lok Sabha. It remained blank in all seats, except one, Aurangabad, where AIMIM, member of VBA, won.