BJP & Congress cross swords after Imran Khan's Tipu tweet

BENGALURU: A Tweet By Pakistan PM Imran Khan On Tipu Sultan triggered a war of words between senior Congress leader and BJP's Rajeev Chandrasekhar On Sunday, with the former saying he was not the one to "eat biryani" with the premier of an enemy country.

Paying tribute to Tipu Sultan , Khan tweeted On Saturday, saying he admired him because "he preferred freedom and died fighting for it rather than live a life of enslavement".

Khan's Message ' S Returning, BJP MP Chandrasekhar Wrote:" Dear @siddaramaiah Avare - Time For You To Hug Imranji N (en) Bajwaji - @sherryontopp! Thts (That ' S) Fastest Way To Bcm @RahulGandhi N (en) @ Priyankagandhi ' S Favorite! # JustDoIt "

Zijn Gijp Was Gericht On Siddaramaiah Die De Traditie Van Het Vieren Van Tipu Jayanti Was Begonnen Als Toen CM Van Drie Jaar Geleden.

Slamming Chandrasekhar, Siddaramaiah tweeted, "Mr @rajeev_mp, Think before you tweet. I am not like your Chor @narendramodi to eat biryani with the PM of our enemy country & also not like you to compromise On ethics to please your bosses. It is better to lead a life of Tipu Sultan than like a slave of your bosses like you".