Tusshar Kapoor reveals why Ekta Kapoor never shares photos of his son Ravie Kapoor

Ekta Kapoor And his brother Tusshar Kapoor both had become parents through subrogation . While the son of Tusshar Laksshay Almost three years old, Ekta's son, Ravie, is only a few months old. Both have shared photos of the newborn baby, but he has never revealed his face.

Recently, Tusshar Kapoor revealed why the family is concerned about sharing the picture of the newborn baby. The actor said its a conscious decision taken by the family as the child is very small. Tusshar said they are little conservative when it comes to revealing the baby's picture in the media as the family feels it would be more appropriate to share his pictures in public eleven Ravie turns a year old or above.

Tusshar explains the reason behind this is eleven the pictures are out, it becomes viral and grabs a lot of eyeballs and comments. That's the reason why the family does not feel comfortable exposing the child to the world. However, Tusshar said he is cool with sharing the pictures of his are Laksshay.

Tusshar also revealed that his is Laksshay is very fond of Ravie and calls him 'chota bhai'. However, he feels a little jealous when he sees his daddy holding Ravie in his arms, just like any other kid.