Members of the Youth Congress expelled from the CAA debate site of Devendra Fadnavis

NAGPUR: A group of 10 to 15 people, allegedly from the city unit, on Saturday night were arrested and evicted from the place where the opposition leader and former prime minister were giving a talk on Citizens' Amendment Law ().

The talk organized under the late Mundle Manoramabai Conference Series by the Dharampeth Education Society at Dharampeth Kanya School Ground on North Ambazari Road, witnessed the assistance of right-wing activists, citizens and RSS ideologue, MG Vaidya.

Youth Congress activists alleged that between 30 and 40 Bharatiya Janat Yuva Morcha (BJYM) activists were not allowed to enter the place, although they had only come to hear the opinions.

BJYM activists led by city president Shivani Dani said they had no objections to anyone attending the event, but they suspected that the activists of the Youth Congress of the Southwest constituency interrupt the Fadnavis conference.

“We had come to listen, but these people were about to raise slogans. We told them to do it outside, ”Dani told TOI.

Around six young people were arrested and taken to the Bajaj Nagar police station, where police officers registered their names and addresses before releasing them. They were arrested after they accused the organizers and police officers of not letting them hear the speech at CAA and began raising slogans of the Zindabad Youth Congress.

In his speech of more than an hour, the MLA of the southwest district accused the main political parties of spreading canards and trying to create anarchy in the country.

“India is marching towards a $ 5 billion economy under Modiji, but these parties want to stop the progress. This will only benefit the enemies of India, ”said Fadnavis.

The former CM reiterated the rhetoric of Sangh Parivar about CAA and (NRC).

Fadnavis said that although the CAA intended to give citizenship and not take it away from anyone, there was no plan to implement NRC across the country by the Modi government. “Some parties are instilling fears in the minds of minorities, especially Muslims, that they would be sent to Pakistan or expelled from the country. Fake news and propaganda are being published on social networks. A new list of documents circulates every day asking Muslims and others to look for them. This is not true. Not all social media posts are genuine, he said, referring to the one in which an alleged New draft of the Constitution allegedly by RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat went viral.

At the same time, Fadnavis said there are two groups of people who need to differentiate themselves when considering citizenship. “One are those who came to listen after being persecuted while the other arrived in search of employment but gave himself up to illegal activities. There is talk of giving citizenship not only to the Hindus of Pakistan, Bangaldesh and Afghanistan, but also to the second lot that has been found in terrorist assets, ”he said.