The Youth Congress launches a campaign for the National Unemployed Registry, says unemployment is India's biggest concern

NEW DELHI: To counter the Modi government in its drive for CAA-NRC-NPR, the Indian launched a nationwide campaign on Thursday demanding that the Modi government create a National Unemployed Registry (NRU) to address the problem of unemployment , a major concern for Indian youth in light of the economic slowdown.

The plaintiffs at the IYC office said the demand for an NRU responds to the rising unemployment rate in India, which reached a maximum of 45 years in 2019. Congress said unemployed people can support the NRU demand by calling Phone a toll-free number set for this purpose. The data collected through the missed calls campaign, they said, will be used to urge the government to establish an NRU.

The president of IYC, Srinivas BV, said that the number of suicides of unemployed youth was exceeding the number of suicides of farmers. Taking shots in the afternoon Narendra Modi for allegedly buying special glasses to see the solar eclipse, Srinivas said: The Youth Congress is ready to buy a pair of glasses from anywhere in the world for the Prime Minister to see the problems of youth, which until now had refused To recognize.

The joint AICC secretary in charge of the Youth Congress, Krishna Allavaru, said that unemployed people in the country did not want to hear about the Law on Citizenship Amendment or the National Registry of Citizens (), but wanted the government to instead, it will focus on increasing employment opportunities in the country.

Congress alleged that as many as 36 youths committed suicide in the country every day. “The root cause of recession in India is‘ Modi-made ’and‘ Made in India ’. It has been created by the Narendra Modi government due to its wrong policies like demonetisation and the Goods and Services Tax, ”Allavaru said.

IYC spokesman Amrish Ranjan said that as part of the NRU campaign, unemployed youth will have to call the toll free number and call details will be sent to the government.