Colorful and cultural folk dances, drama and music on the second day of the Pink City Festival

The second day of the 10 days in progress. Pink City Festival He witnessed a mix of colorful and cultural folk dances, theatrical and musical performances at Shilpgram, Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK) Visitors also had the opportunity to learn about the various crafts of Rajasthan, such as handmade leather goods and traditional block printing.

deru dance Artists performing Deru dance , quite popular in western Rajasthan (Shalini Maheshwari/BCCL)

The night witnessed the charm of the ancient folk art of Rammat Bikaner. The performance showed glimpses of the royal court of Amar Singh Rathore of Nagaur. Next, the festival reverberated with the powerful rhythms of a Napal Gopal Singh ensemble from Jaipur. After this, a special performance of the Manganiyaar Symphony presented by Mushtaq Khan. The symphony performed popular folk music Rajasthani, Nimbooda Nimbooda and Kesariya Hazari Gul Ro Phool. The audience also enjoyed the traditional dances and music of Rajasthan such as Deru de Ladu Ram de Churu, Gair de Paras de Barmer, Mayur de Ashok de Deeg, Bhawai de Prem Prakash de Udaipur and Bhapang de Yusuf de Alwar.

MAYUR DANCE Mayur dance It is mainly popular in eastern Rajasthan, especially in the Barasana area near Braj

The evenings at JKK were full of representations of folk art from various parts of the state. The audience enjoyed the puppet show with wooden puppets dressed in bright and colorful outfits. ‘Behroopiya’ introduced young men dressed as mythological characters like Krishna, Shiva and Hunter. The magic came alive at the festival with a magician who performs entertaining illusions for visitors.