Force Motors will launch 12-15 seater truck in India

CHENNAI Force motors It has invested more than Rs 1 billion in four years to create a new platform for national and export markets. The company, which is the market leader in 12-18 places Van category in India, will invest another Rs 500-700 rupees in the next 3-4 years in other variants and new technologies, said the company MD Prasan Firodia .

With the name T1N, the shared mobility platform has been designed and developed simultaneously for both internal combustion engines and for 100% electric drive.

The first vehicle on this platform will be launched in India later this year, Firodia said. “This has been created by keeping both electric and diesel and CNG vehicles on this platform. We will start with diesel and then we will enter electricity and the CNG variant will come as a parallel. The first variants will have capacity for 12-15 people, he added.

The new platform is intended to give the company a significant play in select export markets. “Right now, Van export is less than 5% of our Van business and we have created this new platform to significantly increase our export volumes,” said Firodia.

“We aspire to become leading Van maker globally.”

The export markets it addresses are the Gulf countries, Africa and South Africa, South America and ASEAN. The new platform product will be built at the company's Pithampur plant.

“The objective of this new platform is to have products targeting more premium applications for hospitality and staff transport and take this to international markets in a big way,” said Firodia. “As market leader in the Van segment, we want to leverage our strength in the international markets as well,” he added.

Force motors has 68% market share in the people mover Van category. “Around 75% of our business comes from school buses, tour and travel Van s and staff transport and the rest is government business like ambulances, vehicles for forces etc,” he said.

In India, this segment has been growing because more and more applications are being created on this platform. The boom in shared mobility is also creating demand for the 12-15-seat segment, Firodia said.