The university has 'all the relevant information' about its foreign students: JNU

NEW DELHI: The administration of Jawaharlal Nehru University () said Wednesday that it has the relevant information on the nationality of all 301 foreign students enrolled in the university, contrary to the statements made by an RTI.

Submitted by activist Sujeet Swami, based in Kota, the Right to Information (RTI) application had claimed that Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) had no information on the nationality of 82 of its foreign students.

La universidad dijo que tiene toda la información relevante sobre los foreign students que se han registrado en los diversos programas académicos de la universidad.

When an RTI arrives, a time limit is granted to provide the answers to the questions asked. The RTI has a set of different questions related to the different branches of the university, the university said.

The RTI question was related to university admission, evaluation and the CIS branch. The different branches of the university maintain their data in different formats. The Central Office of Public Information directly sends the data available in their respective branches to the applicant, the university said.

The RTI applicant gave the contributions to the media before obtaining all the relevant information requested by him, the university said.

A conclusion should not be reached on the basis of incomplete data from sources. It is unfortunate that the report has been published without obtaining complete information, the university said.