The Center moves SC looking for a deadline of 7 days to hang the death row inmates

NEW DELHI: The Center moved Wednesday to set a deadline of seven days for the execution of the death row.

The appeal of the Ministry of Internal Affairs () acquires importance in view of those sentenced to death in the sensational case of Nirbhaya Gangrape and murder of 2012, review, presentation of healing and mercy petitions, which have delayed their execution.

The MHA plea sought an address from above to set the deadline for submitting curative appeals after the rejection of the review requests.

He also sought an address that if the death row inmate wants to file a petition for mercy, it would be mandatory for a death row prisoner to do so only within a period of seven days from the date of receipt of the death sentence issued by the Competent court.

The MHA indicated that the superior court must order all the competent courts, state governments, prison authorities in the country to issue the death order of a convicted person within seven days after the rejection of his petition for clemency and to execute the sentence of death within seven days, regardless of the stage of the petition for review/curative petition/petition for mercy of his condemned.

The superior court, on January 20, had rejected the statement of a death row in the case of rape and murder in Nirbhaya gang that defies the order of the Delhi High Court that had dismissed his claim to be a minor at the time of the crime by saying that he cannot again agitate the problem by submitting a new application.

Recently, a Delhi court issued new death orders for February 1 against the four convicts: Vinay Sharma (26), Akshay Kumar Singh (31), Mukesh Kumar Singh (32) and Pawan (26), in the case after that his execution was delayed. Due to pending requests.

The 23-year-old paramedic student, known as Nirbhaya, was raped as a group and brutally assaulted on the night of December 16-17, 2012, on a moving bus in southern Delhi by six people before being thrown into the highway.