This rare vision of the deer that throw their antlers is driving the Internet crazy

Did you know that deer throw their antlers? Well, it's amazing news and the world is also shocked after watching this weird video shared on the Internet recently. Deer are private animals and throwing their antlers is an activity they do when nobody is watching.

The rare shared video begins with a deer scratching its head without realizing that someone is watching it. Then he scratches more and with a sudden noise, flees leaving behind his eight-point antlers.

The antlers take 24 to 48 hours to fall, but the removal process begins much earlier. It is between two and three weeks for the process. The regeneration of new antlers occurs throughout the summer. Deer antlers are made up of a honeycomb and bone-like tissue and break off due to rising levels of testosterones that cut off the blood supply and nutrition through the veins and arteries, and eventually cause them to fall.

When watching the video shared by the National Deer Alliance, Internet users were horrified and shared their enthusiasm in the publication.