Update from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, January 21: Luv and Kush find it boring to interact with the family

In the last episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai , Luv & Kush say that they will not go by car & instead go on their bikes.

Kartik takes a family selfie & they all leave to go home.

Luv & Kush reach home, they learn that Trisha She is Naira's guest. Naira tells others she met Trisha at the Ashram. Naira & Trisha are very happy to meet.

Naira asks Suhasini dadi if Trisha can stay at their house, & Suhasini dadi says yes.

Kairav does the rituals of gruhpravesh of Naira & Kartik & welcomes them home.

Naira also does gruhpravesh of Luv & Kush because they have returned home after a long time.

Kairav tells Kartik & Naira that he shall sleep in Yash’s room today because he knows that they are going out tonight.

Samarth & Gayu tell Kartik & Naira that a honeymoon suite has been booked for them at a hotel.

Kartik & Naira feel shy, yet leave for their night out.

Luv & Kush are busy in the phones playing games, & do not interact well with the family. Suwarna suggests they must play game, Luv & Kush agree to participate even though they think it may be boring.

Naira & Kartik are about to leave for the night but Naira remembers she wanted to make kachoris for Luv & Kush so she makes kachori for them.

The family enjoys games with a bonfire. Luv & Kush do not eat the kachori but keep it aside & Trisha notices it.

Kartik & Naira leave for the night.