This is what Gulzar told Pradeep Sarkar in the biographical biography of Notee Binodini

Pradeep Sarkar He has been working hard on a biopic that he longed to do for a few years. The director of Parineeta wants to recover the magic of actress Notee Binodini on the big screen. First approached Vidya Balan rehearse the protagonist, but things did not work. And now the news is that, according to reports, he is making the film with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at the head. In the midst of all the reactions he is receiving for the project, a reaction has been inspiring for the filmmaker. It was from Gulzaar Saab. Remember to say: Upon learning that I am planning to make a movie on Notee, he told me: 'Notee has been waiting for you for a long time.' It was very sweet of him to say that. Sarkar was overwhelmed by the legendary poet and lyricist comments. We wonder if the duo will join for the project. By surprise, Notee is also known as Binodini Dasi . She began her career as a courtesan. Later she became an actress as part of several plays. In his 12-year career, he ended up playing more than 80 roles.