Himanshu Rai: meditation keeps me calm

Himanshu Rai, who is currently seen as Keshav Kulkarni in ' Mere Sai - Shraddha Aur Saburi 'says that meditation keeps him calm and serene.

Rai said: In today's hectic world, we are all struggling to prove ourselves, group pressure and fierce competition are making things worse for us. In our field, where every day brings new challenges, where everything is uncertain, stress can have adverse effects. Health Effects I do meditation, which keeps me calm and helps me to enter a state of deep relaxation. For me it is the best stress destroyer.

He further added, "Apart from improving your physical Health , I think we should take time out to nurture our mental Health as well. We actors face a lot of rejections every now and then, which sometimes terribly disappoint us. Meditation helps me rekindle my inspiration and motivation and control anxiety, which keeps me moving."

The handsome actor learned meditation when he was in school and practiced since he was 10 years old. Meditation was part of our school curriculum, that's how I learned it. I remember that when we were at school, we used to meditate daily because there was a full period dedicated to it. It helped us to perform better on exams and efficiently handle academic stress. I am grateful to my teachers, who taught me meditation, which is still helping me, says Himanshu.