5 beauty products that every man should take to the office

Store your desk with these products to achieve a work-to-party look. Going on a date after a hard day at work can be difficult. Even if you sit inside an air-conditioned cubicle throughout the day and rarely go out in the sun, you will end up with a greasy, dull and dirty face at the end of the day. As you cannot take a shower at work, it is best to equip your desk with a small kit for skin care or grooming. This is what should be stocked ...

Face wash

Your office skin care kit should have a good face wash. Choose a mild cleanser that suits your skin. Get one that is made with natural ingredients for better care.

BB cream

A BB cream can be a godsend sometimes, especially when you are about to develop a pimple or a pimple. Not only can they cover them, but they are a great trick to cover an uneven skin tone, with patches and flaky skin. There are specific BB creams for men now.


Your skin can never have enough moisturizer, even if you have oily skin. Keep a non-sticky formulation at work.


The chapped lips are a great blackout and now that winter is here, it is imperative to stock up on a good lip balm.


You just can't forget the way it smells, especially if you have a party or a date, after work. Ideally, you should experiment and try to find out what type of fragrances work for you and keep one in your work drawer.

- Mensxp.com