Rape convict attacks mediators outside Delhi court

NEW DELHI: Some were attacked on Saturday by one of those convicted in the 2013 rape case of a five-year-old girl in the Gandhi Nagar area in eastern Delhi. , convicted by a court, hit a group of reporters when they took him out of the courtroom in which a senior journalist was injured.

The subject was brought to the attention of additional sessions of Judge Naresh Kumar Malhotra, who asked the journalist to submit a written complaint to the police.

Then, the judge sent her to a medical examination where the doctor said she had bruises on her cheek.

After this, she filed a formal complaint with the police.

The POCSO court condemned Shah and another man, Pradeep Kumar, in the case, saying that the boy experienced exceptional depravity and extreme brutality.

Shah and Kumar raped the girl in Gandhi Nagar and pushed objects in their private parts on April 15, 2013. They fled after committing the crime and leaving the girl in Shah's room believing she was dead.

The boy was rescued 40 hours later on April 17, 2013.