Kathak's performance controversy was truncated at the UP government event in Lucknow

A cultural evening organized by the Department of Culture, UP, in Lucknow on Wednesday became a controversy when a performance by Kathak by the notorious dancer Manjari Chaturvedi stopped midway. Manjari has alleged that the performance stopped because he was in a qawwali Manjari said: “I was invited to perform at the event and told the organizers about my three acts. I told them that I would exhibit the Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb Lucknow is known for that, so I was assigned 45 minutes. My first act was a Krishna-Radha. Read it. The second was in Gauhar Jaan and the last was in a qawwali . It was during my third act that the music suddenly stopped, so I thought maybe it was a technical problem. Then I saw these people from the cultural department walking towards me and saying ‘ yahan qawwali nahi chalegi . The dancer said she left the stage at that time and then addressed the audience: I said that in 25 years of my Kathak performance in more than 35 countries, such a thing has never happened. It's sad to see this happen in my hometown ... I'm talking about the Ganga-Jamuni de Lucknow tehzeeb for everyone and witnessing this in this city is very sad. But now, I want to leave all this behind since I am a person who talks about mohabbat, love, tolerance and ibaadat, so I don't want to stretch it too much. However, the organizers say that their performance stopped because the event was being delayed and that They also wanted to give other artists the opportunity to perform at the event.

The cultural evening was part of a three-day Indian Conference of the Seventh Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. On each day of the conference, state artists were invited to act. On January 16, Manjari Chaturvedi had been invited to perform her ballet dance. Rang-E-Ishq , which was followed by a dinner attended by Anandiben Patel, the governor of UP, and Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of UP.

A government official, who was part of the organizing committee, said that since the CM had to arrive and go directly to dinner, the organizers decided to interrupt the proceedings. The organizers wanted all the artists to present their acts, and from Manjari Hee They had already given two presentations, the organizers decided to finish their performance before and invited other artists. ” According to those present at the event, the music suddenly went out in the middle of Manjari's presentation and was told to leave the stage and the Braj dance company was invited to perform instead. Jitendra Kumar, Principal Secretary, Tourism and Culture, UP, said: I wasn't even there at the event, so I have no idea what happened. I have no knowledge of this.

Manjari shared that on Friday he received a call from a government official who invited her to act in a qawwali at the UP Diwas on January 27. “He told me that the government had no intention of bad faith and that in no way did he intend to stop my act because it was based on a Sufi qawwali . He asked me if I was willing to act again in Lucknow and said that, of course, I would love to play there again, after all, it is my hometown, ”he shared.

Speaking about the incident, artist Charu Shankar, who was also supposed to act with Manjari, wrote on Facebook: “He had to recite some stories of Sufi saints and coutesan poets at the Sufi Kathak show by Manjari Chaturvedi in Lucknow. While I was dancing a Sufi Quwalli song, about 20 minutes after the show, the organizers suddenly stopped the music and turned off the lights. When she returned to the stage they told us that this had been done Kyunki Yahaan Quwalli Nahin Ho Sakti The public was UP parliamentary dignitaries, the CM had not yet arrived. We were shocked. Manjari Hee He took the stage, took the microphone and spoke loudly about this. It's a song about love, he said, I'm so sorry you didn't get it. After that, we both quietly climbed into our room, changed and requested room service. No one called us to apologize or explain ( sic ). ”nA leading exponent of Kathak, Lucknow-born Manjari is credited with bringing together the mysticism of Sufi and Indian clas sic al dance form to create a dance style she calls Sufi Kathak.