Himanta Biswa Sarma says the CAA rules will not consider religious persecution

GUWAHATI: Denying that it was a criterion for offering Indian nationality to Hindu communities and other communities selected under the amended citizenship law, the finance minister said Friday that hermetic rules were being framed to detect fraudulent conversion and ensure strict compliance from December 31. , 2014, cut.

There are three criteria to apply for citizenship. First, one must be Hindu, Jainist, Parsi, Christian, Sikh or Buddhist. Second, the applicant's country of origin must be Bangladesh , Afghanistan or Pakistan . Third, the applicant must have proof of residence in India before December 31, 2014. Religious persecution is not a criterion, Sarma told TOI.

He noted that the Law on Citizenship (Amendment) has no provision to grant Indian nationality to a person on grounds of religious persecution because there was no way to prove that an applicant faced such a test before fleeing from any of the three countries of origin.

"How can an applicant prove he or she is a victim of religious persecution or fled the country of origin and entered India owing to fear of religious persecuti-on? To get such proof, a person has to go back to Bangladesh or the other two countries and get a police certificate. Why should Banglade-sh, for instance, admit there is religious persecution?"