Forget the air conditioning, go to a car wash: this is your guide for an ecological trip

If you live in a metropolitan city like Delhi, you probably spend hours driving to and from work every day. Our cars are an integral part of our daily life. So, naturally, when we talk about an impulse for more sustainable ways of living, driving and maintaining the car in a sustainable way, it also comes into the picture. In India, where hybrid vehicles are outside the price range of most car buyers and green CNG variants are available only among smaller cars, small steps to ensure how your existing vehicle can be used from A greener way a long way. The most common way to make a car more sustainable is to reduce its fuel consumption. This can be done through a series of small steps, which include reducing AC use, keeping the car tuned and reducing waste while cleaning the car. Eliminate unnecessary additional weight, as it causes mileage to decrease and regular service, every 5000 km or six months are small steps you can start to make your car more sustainable.


Be sure to keep the tire pressure

Ashok Singh, who works with a car repair company in Delhi, says: Of the people who come to us, two-thirds have incorrect tire pressures and don't even know it. Most people think that regulating tire pressure is a useless task but poor tire pressure can reduce the fuel efficiency of a car by 20-30%. Tyre pressure Low-inflated tires reduce fuel consumption by 0.2% for every 1 psi drop in tire pressure

Get rid of the AC for better mileage

In Delhi, what contributes most to air pollution when it comes to cars is the AC. It is a myth that if you open the windows, the wind resistance increases, which causes the mileage to decrease. Air conditioning consumes engine power, so it is actually reducing mileage, says Jitendra Singh, a Gurgaon resident who swears for sustainability. Live and drive In addition, the air conditioner also emits hot gases that further pollute the environment, he adds.

A study conducted by the Society of Automotive Engineers in 2004 found that lowering the windows in an SUV actually helps fuel efficiency compared to using AC. Even with sedans and hatchbacks, there was an improvement in fuel efficiency up to speeds of up to 68 mph (110 kmph). The study also showed that there was not a large reduction in cooling inside cars when air conditioning was not used and the windows were closed. However, most studies are conducted at a temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, so they do not apply to peak Indian summers when air conditioning is a necessity. But other than that, lowering the windows is a better option. The mileage of my car has increased

13-14 to more than 18 years since I started doing this, says Delhi-based car engineer Akhil Taneja, who says he has made conscious efforts to make his driving more sustainable in the past two years.

Car-AC- Running AC for one hour in the car can double fuel consumption during that period

Save water by going to car washes by rinsing the car at home

The general impression is that the car washes sewage while a hose or bucket in the home is cheaper. However, a WaterWise study found that car washes and professional garages actually save 50 to 60% of water compared to home washing. Swati Singh, a water conservation expert, says: People think that washing the car with a wet hose is cleaning the car with water, but they both waste water. The best way is to use a wet sponge. In addition, in Delhi, dust particles will be deposited immediately in the car as soon as it is washed. Clean and dry, clean it thoroughly every day and wait for the professionals to wash it.


Sustainable vehicle maintenance methods can help reduce the need for repairs

A study by transport consultant Paul Barter in 2019 revealed that most cars today are parked 95% of the time, leading to more maintenance to avoid breakdowns. The adoption of sustainable vehicle maintenance methods can help reduce the need for repairs by up to 50%

green gaddi #GreenGaddi: the most environmentally conscious are literally turning green by growing a garden on top of their vehicles

The maintenance of electric vehicles is cheaper than vehicles that run on fossil fuels.

A 2017 study by the University of Leeds found that electric vehicles are 9-18% cheaper to maintain compared to vehicles that run on fossil fuels.


Tip for sustainable maintenance of cars