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Do you want the last buzz in the front of gossip? A glimpse into the lives of the rich and famous? A wind of Chennai's best kept secrets? The writer, activist, presenter and queen bee Apsara Reddy fills you with ...

Does not go anywhere

Jealous girls in the industry have begun to spread the word that Priya Anand is packing her bags and going to the United States. This is totally false. The cheerful girl arrived to stay and signed some movies. And we hear that her dearest mom is helping her plan new looks.

priya anand

Sam, chai and a beach

Samantha and Chaitanya plan to buy a plush pad in Chennai. Sam is willing to invest in the city that has given him so much. The couple, which entertains close friends at their home in Hyderabad, is looking at the city with the best beaches to spread their investment portfolio. Chaitanya also has close ties with this city and hoped to keep this as a surprise from her beloved. But Sam managed to find out, say close friends of the couple.

Samantha and Chaitanya

A vocal problem

Arjun Das, one of K-Town's most popular new villains, has followers who follow him for his deep voice and dazzling gaze. It seems that it is flooding with offers to sing and even copy! The joke is that a director who is working with another actor in one of his upcoming films expects Arjun to be the hero of his film, which sounds like the bell of the screams! Any idea who this lead actor is?

Arjun Das

Boyfriend confused!

At a recent wedding in the city, a young man married his longtime girlfriend. Also in the audience were his husky friends who had mixed emotions since they knew that the boyfriend was quite confused about his real tastes and inclinations! It seems that the groom has a long-term massage therapist friend, who was also at the wedding. The groom and the massage therapist even found a moment to shake hands and wink!

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