Calculator ready to consider when buying plants in a nursery

While buying plants brings joy to all plant lovers, there are times when we can go overboard and end up buying more than we intended. In fact, every plant lover will confess this. Beginners also often fall in love with the charm of a nursery and may end up buying plants that do not know how to care or did not plan to buy. Here are some tips to keep in mind while on your next plant shopping spree ...

Start with plants that require little maintenance: If you are just starting to build your garden at home, start with plants that are difficult to kill. Varieties of snake plants, jade, ZZ, money plants, pleomele, dianthus, syngonium and others are some that do not require excessive attention.

Before buying, compare prices: If you see an extraordinary succulent and cannot wait to bring it home, ask at some nurseries and compare prices.

Find out about irrigation, sunlight and other plant requirements: Once you have decided on the plants to collect, ask about the amount of water and sunlight you need. However, once you take the plant home, you will be the best judge to see how much sun and water you need.

Imagine where you will place the plants and buy accordingly: Before buying plants, decide where you want to place them at home. You don't want to end up with really big plants without a place to show off, right?