Don't change something for the change: Raman in the four-day test

CHENNAI: former Indian batter and current head coach of the women's national team WV Raman on Friday he said the debate about the shortening of Cricket test Four days later there is no justification behind this.

I believe that if any change is going to be introduced there must be some justification. Just to try to change for the sake of change, I don't think it's worth it, Raman said, referring to the ongoing debate over the adjustments. with the traditional format

This is a moment in life, when this conversation is ongoing there was a fantastic cricket of the last day that gave a result. Therefore, it will be difficult for the apex body to do something about it, he said.

Raman was speaking at the launch of his book The Winning Sixer and referred to the recent England-South Africa test match, which was decided in the final session of the fifth day.

Indian pattern virat Kohli , legendary Sachin Tendulakar and great Australians Ricky Ponting & Steve Waugh Everyone has advised against playing with the traditional format.

Cuando se le preguntó quién era su inspiración para tomar el cricket, Raman dijo que sería difícil identificar a cualquier individuo, & agregó que se había metido en el juego por puro accidente.

It is a difficult question. At that time, most children played cricket. No one inspired me to take cricket. The fact that I got into cricket happened by pure accident. I cannot say some names simply by saying: he said.

Asked why his book dwells more on leadership than cricket, the former India player said he felt there was no point writing about the game & there was need for leadership in all walks of life.

"No point writing about cricket. Personal stories... is only your perspective. At times you may not provide the right angle because there is a perspective from every angle. You have the necessity for leadership in any walk of life & for you to exhibit leadership qualities," he added.

Tamil Nadu player Abhinav Mukund & former India opener Krishnamachari Srikkanth were also present.