The University of Delhi professor criticizes AMU VC and says he should resign

AGRA: Delhi University Professor at the Hindi department, he criticized the deputy foreign ministers of (AMU), JNU and Jamia Millia Islamia on Friday, saying he did not protect the students from external assault and suggested they submit their resignations.

The VCs of the three universities, including AMU, should accept that they could not protect their students and should quit their positions, Professor Jha said while addressing teachers at AMU on Friday. Jha alleged that it was a complete failure of the VCs in all the universities where the violence took place.

AMU VC, which allowed police to enter the campus on December 15, should also accept its failure, he said.

“How can you make eye contact with students after this incident? You are the custodian of the university and the students are your responsibility, ”he said.

Jha asked: I wonder how the VC is so relaxed and calm after such a barbaric incident, in which one of his students lost his hand.

Referring to the recent Amendment to, Jha said: We do not raise our voice at the time of the repeal of Article 370 in the Valley and that is why we are facing this.

The country is at a very dangerous crossroads and only young people can make others understand it, he said.

Professor Jha also spoke about the importance of the role of public universities, and said they have taken the role of the guardians of the Constitution.

The leading journalist Qurban Ali, who was also present there, spoke extensively about the country's inclusive nature and the struggle for independence. Ali appealed to the government to revoke laws like CAA, which, for the first time, have created divisions.