Let Prime Minister Narendra Modi talk about the fall in GDP: CM Ibrahim

MANGALURU: The former Union minister and Congress leader attacked the BJP government and sought the response of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the fall in GDP.

Attacking the government for not having control over the banks, which are recording losses, Ibrahim said the government has completely failed to control inflation.

BJP lacks advisers within the party. Everything is decided by PM Modi and party president Amit Shah . Let them take advice from the economist and former prime minister. Manmohan Singh , who had predicted this fall in GDP, Ibrahim told reporters.

India's GDP is much lower than that of Bangladesh. While India's GDP is 3.5%, Bangladesh It is far ahead of us with a growth of 8%. Farmers in India are not getting the right price for their products, he said and urged the Prime Minister to talk about the economy.

Talking about the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA), and the National Registry of Citizens (NRC) and the National Population Registry ( NPR ), Ibrahim urged the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister not to go against him.

Let them continue at the helm of the nation for another 20 years. However, let them not manipulate the Constitution. Don't poison people by introducing CAA, NRC and NPR. At the age of 70, from where should I find my father's date of birth? Where should I search for the marriage certificate of my parents? Will Amit Shah and Narendra Modi be able to produce their own marriage certificates? Will they be able to keep 60 crore people of India in concentration camps? People will have to stand in queue in front of the village assistant or tahsildar's office if the government continues with the policy.In fact, the government itself is in a dilemma. While Amit Shah has categorically said the government will implement the NRC across all states of the country, Narendra Modi says the government is not in a hurry, Ibrahim said.