Pune: local residents, the police used the social networking site to reunite the child with his family

PUNE: Nana Peth and Samarth recently helped a 14-year-old boy to meet with his family members using the services of a social networking site.

Residents found the Meenbahadur Sangram Bahara, which is currently near the town of Kudje, wandering aimlessly around the area. They provided him with food and shelter and asked him several times about where he lives, his parents' whereabouts, his telephone numbers, etc. However, the boy did not answer these questions. At the same time, the boy told the residents that he was from Nepal. This raised the concerns of local residents.

The residents then contacted the Samarth police and informed them about the missing child found in Nana Peth. At the same time, residents took their photographs and uploaded the photo with a message indicating that the child Meenbahadur Bahara was found in Nana Peth and urged his parents to contact the Samarth police station.

Meanwhile, police officers Nitin Dhotre and Suvarna Gunjal, from the Samarth police station, sent a message to all police stations in the city of Pune, along with the Chinchwad police commission and the Pune rural police asking them if they had registered a complaint about the missing child.

The message published on the social network went viral in a few hours and a man entered the Samarth police station in search of the child.

The man was an uncle of Bahara and then the police contacted his father. His father informed the police that he had lost his son at the Pune train station and was looking for him at several railway stations.