CAA: It is not necessary to inform the governor before approaching SC, says Sitaram Yechury

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Defending the decision of the Kerala government to act against the controversial one, the secretary general said Friday that there was no need to inform the governor before approaching the superior court.

Yechury also said that the country works according to the Constitution and that it was more important to protect it.

His comments came one day when Governor Arif Mohammed Khan made it clear in Delhi that he can request a report from the leftist government for not informing him before moving to court.

The state and the country operate in accordance with the country's Constitution and not with the Business Rules.

I don't think there is a need to inform the Governor about the transfer of the Supreme Court, Yechury told reporters here.

The veteran of the left, who is here to attend the three-day meeting of the central committee of the CMF, which began on Friday, said it was more important to protect the Constitution.

If there is no Constitution, there is no Governor or the Government, said Yechury.

Khan had previously claimed that the state government was not following protocol and courtesy and learned that the state was approaching the main court through newspapers.

The CPM also alleged Friday that there was an attack sponsored by the central government against protests against the CAA and said more turmoil would continue in the coming days.

There is an attack sponsored by the central government against anti-CAA protests across the country. There is enough evidence to prove the dynamism of the police regarding this, Yechury said.

The CPM also plans to organize protest marches against the CAA on January 23, the anniversary of the birth of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, on January 26 (Republic Day) and January 30 (Martyrs Day) when Mahatma Gandhi was murdered.

On January 26, there would be a massive reading of the preamble of the Constitution and the taking of oath, he said.

Anyone can join the protest these days. It is a general call. It is the position of the political parties with respect to the CAA and that is more important, said Yechury.

The central committee is expected to discuss several issues, including continuing agitation against the Modi government, leading protests against CAA and collaborating with other movements to challenge the economic and agricultural policies of the BJP government.