Students on the road to war with the Visva Bharati authority after establishing a panel to investigate the confinement of BJP MP

SHANTINIKETAN: Visva Bharati University established a 3-member panel on Friday to investigate the alleged confinement incident. BJP MP on campus on January 8, triggering a storm, with students demanding an investigation for alleged assault on them two days ago.

Dasgupta, along with the vice chancellor and others, was held for six hours in a university building while hundreds of left-wing students held a demonstration accusing the politician of promoting hatred among communities. He had gone there to lecture on the controversial new citizenship law.

We have formed a three-member committee to look into the matter where BJP leader Swapan Dasgupta had said that he was locked in a room with a mob outside, at the university, where he was addressing a meeting on on January 8, a senior official said in New Delhi.

The panel will also analyze the alleged confrontation between two groups of students at the university on January 15.

Hours after the committee was formed, the students aligned with the left parties held a protest march in front of the university headquarters, demanding that the assault on the students be investigated first.

There is no need to inquire into confinement of Dasgupta. The University should first form a panel to look into the assault on students, who are its assets. Dasgupta may be an MP but he is an outsider. Why is the VC so bothered about to BJP MP? to protest said.

Dasgupta, a journalist turned politician, had gone to Twitter to inform the public about the incident.

How does it feel to have a mafia attacking a peaceful meeting about the CAA and bullying students? This is what is happening in a meeting that I am addressing in Vishwa Bharati now. Locked in the room now with the mob outside, he tweeted.

According to police, a group of men, armed with iron rods and sticks, attacked the students of a children's shelter inside the Visva Bharati campus on Wednesday night and left several injured.

Two groups of students clashed inside the campus. It was not linked to politics. The security officer and others went to resolve the matter, said the public relations officer of the central university, Anirban Sarkar.

Two people, identified as Achintya Bagdi and Saber Ali, were arrested on Thursday for their alleged involvement in the attack, said an officer at the Santiniketan police station.

An SFI member was hospitalized and several others suffered minor injuries in the attack.

Bagdi and Ali were detained in police custody for nine days by a Bolpur court.

The leader of the SFI Visva Bharati unit, Somnath Sau, had said that they were both former university students who owed loyalty to ABVP. He claimed that they were previously associated with the student wing of the TMC ruler.

However, ABVP Birbhum District Coordinator Ramesh Paramanik said: Neither Achintya Bagdi nor Saber Ali are associated with ABVP in any way. Everyone knows that they lead in Visva Bharati.

As protests erupted at Visva Bharti on Friday, state's education minister Partha Chatterjee accused the BJP and RSS- linked ABVP of trying to vitiate the atmosphere in educational institutions.

West Bengal BJP president Dilip Ghosh blamed students belonging to Left organizations for the fracas, alleging they were destroying prestigious institutions.

Visva Bharati, an institution of national importance was founded by Rabindranath Tagore.