India summons Pak official for abduction of girls from minority Hindu community in Sindh

NEW DELHI: India convened a senior official on Friday and filed a strong protest over the recent cases of kidnapping of minor girls belonging to the minority Hindu community in that country, official sources said.

According to reports, two younger girls, Shanti Meghwad and Sarmi Meghwad, belonging to the Hindu minority community, were kidnapped in a village on January 14.

Pakistan has expressed serious concerns expressed among various sectors of Indian civil society over such a shocking and deplorable incident involving minor girls from the minority Hindu community there. The incidents have been heavily condemned, and India has called for the immediate and safe return of these girls to their families, a source said.

These girls belonged to Sindh, according to reports.

In another incident, a minor girl, Mehak, also belonging to the minority Hindu community, was kidnapped from the Jacobabad district of Sindh province in Pakistan on January 15, according to reports.