It is 'imprudent' to reject investment proposals: the Congress on the comments of Piyush Goyal on Amazon

NEW DELHI: Hitting the Modi government over Amazon's statements by Union Minister Piyush Goyal, Congress said Friday it was imprudent to reject investment proposals.

Inadvising investment is crazy, but the government of the day, which has ensured that the economic growth rate falls below 5 percent, does not know better, said Congressional spokeswoman Supriya Srinate in response to Goyal's comments that Amazon was not doing anything. Please India by investing one billion dollars.

Investment is an act of faith, people invest when they see profits, people invest when they see an opportunity and investment generates jobs, employment opportunities and economic activity, he said.

A day after claiming that Amazon was not doing India any favors by investing one billion dollars, Goyal said Friday that the country is grateful for all kinds of investments that follow the letter and spirit of the law.

Goyal said some people have misunderstood his comments by suggesting that he had said something negative against Amazon.

He just said that the investment should come in accordance with the rules and regulations, he said.