200 orders of biryani per minute, 10 million rupees per year: Why can't India stop hogging biryani?

For the third consecutive year, Biryani appeared at the top of the list of the most ordered dishes in food delivery applications in India. What is the secret ingredient behind your success?


Leaving pizza, fries and tikka chicken behind by a wide margin, Biryani topped the list of the most ordered dishes in India in 2019. A recent survey found that an average of 200 chicken and lamb biryanis were ordered per minute in three aps. India, which reaches a whopping 10 crore biryanis a year, and this doesn't even count the other variations of the dish!

The dish is popular due to three factors: it is a healthy meal, it is affordable and it is an uncomplicated meal, says a representative of the food application.nBiryani chicken surpassed masala dosa (which came in second place) and paneer butter masala (third), even when chicken fried rice and Biryani lamb were left behind in fourth and fifth positions, respectively. Untitled

A food application based in Bengaluru only saw three orders of biryanis chicken and lamb crore in 2019. A company representative says: It is easier for restaurants and for us in the food business to deliver biryani to our customers that, let's say, a dosa, that can break along the way. Biryani also requires minimal and uncomplicated packaging. A representative of a Gurugram-based food application tells us that the dish is always the most popular in its application as well: Every year, when we conduct an audit, Biryani always tops the list. Variety, taste, affordability and availability are the factors behind its continued success.


Why Biryani

1) It adapts to each occasion: From elegant parties to modest meetings, or a dinner night alone at home, biryani serves any number of people satisfactorily.

2) It tastes better as leftovers: According to the expert food chef Rajeev Kapoor of Mumbai, the fact that the dish can be savored equally the next day, unlike soaked fries or cold and hard pizza, is the reason that surpasses others on the list.

3) It can be customized for each and every one of the palates: “From Biryani chicken to lamb, pork, shrimp, fish, paneer and vegetables: the variety is endless. The dish suits people of all tastes and food options, says the owner of a biryani take-out restaurant based in Kolkata, Sudipa Banerjee.

Even health fans don't have to feel excluded, since today, you can also bite oatmeal, quinoa, pasta, charcoal and brown rice biryanis. In fact, 2019 was also the year of vegan Biryanis. No matter what you prefer: eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, pasta, chicken or mushrooms, it can be Biryani, says chef and food expert Duleep Singh, who runs a Biryani house in Colaba, Mumbai. People are opting for low-fat biryani, vegan biryani, tofu biryani and other biryani that are not known, such as biryani pasta, says chef Kavita Jaisingh, owner of a biryani joint in Bangalore. 11