Made in Hungary, this is the most expensive wine in the world.

Hungarian winemakers have produced the most expensive wine in the world with a value of $ 40,000 per bottle. According to the manufacturers, their wine, the decanter of Essencia 2008 of limited edition, is worth every penny of the high price.

Hungarian-based artist James Carcass designed only 20 of the unique 1.5-liter magnums, of which 18 were released in 2019.

The wine was called the most expensive wine in the world during its launch, and although this statement is difficult to quantify, it was the most expensive wine for sale in 2019.

Each individual piece of decanters comes in a black lacquered box and has a switch that illuminates the bottle. There are no two bottles that are completely identical, since each of them is blown by hand especially. The harvest comes with an expiration date of 2300 and manufacturers have sold around 11 of them to date.

The liquor has been produced in the Tokaj wine region of Hungary, which is a famous tourist attraction.

“This Essencia 2008 was bottled after eight years of maturation. It is a slightly unusual wine because it has a higher volume of alcohol, about 4%, said a news website citing Zoltan Kovacs, general manager of the winery.

Wine can only be produced in the years that have favorable climatic conditions for botrytis and, according to the manufacturers, 2008 was an impressive year in this regard.

It takes a kilogram of exceptionally ripe aszu grapes to produce only a teaspoon of the wine and about 20 kilograms of grapes that have been reduced to aszu berries are required to make a 37.5 centiliter wine bottle with approximately 3% content of alcohol.