Vadinamma Update, January 15: Raghu and his team land in trouble

In the last episode of Vadinamma , Shankar comes to the rescue of Raghu ram and team when they need a substitute for their seventh player. Shankar’s unexpected entry takes Raghu and others by surprise. It shows that Sita you have requested Shankar to join their Kabaddi team and he instantly agreed. Siri hails Sita for her presence of mind. Shankar plays the game and wins a few points. Janardhan plans to tighten the screw and upon his gesture, the referee takes some biased decisions. Shankar poses a serious objection and physically assaults the referee. This earns him a serious warning.

And upon Janardhan’s next gesture, his boys break Raghu’s leg and he walks out of the court due to the injury. Citing his injury, Parvathy and Durga try to brainwash Siri into demanding Bharat to withdraw from the game. However, Siri encourages Bharat to give his best. Shankar gets disqualified from the game for his aggressive protest against the foul play. Janardhan demands the referee to declare them as winner since Raghu’s team lacks the required number of players. Raghu begs the referee to give them a final chance. He and his brothers request everyone to play for them.