Arvind Kejriwal announced the free trip for women on buses and subways without making a proposal: Hardeep Singh Puri

NEW DELHI: Giving a blow to the AAP government, the Union minister said on Thursday that the chief minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced the plan to provide free transportation to women on buses and Metro without making any proposal.

However, the Delhi government rejected the Puri charges and said there was a concrete plan and that there was no lack of funds for the proposal to provide free transportation to women on public buses and Metro trains.

Puri also called Kejriwal a disrupter and said Delhi's problems would be resolved in six months, as he apparently referred to the upcoming Delhi Assembly elections.

The Union's Minister of Urban Affairs and Housing also compared the government of the AAP with the theories of the economy of the broken window and the fraud of the broken window.

According to the Investopedia website, the fallacy of the broken window was first expressed by the French economist, Frederic Bastiat. Bastiat used the parable of a broken window to point out why destruction does not benefit the economy.

Earlier this week, Kejriwal announced that his government is proposing free travel for women on public transport buses and Metro trains.

The measure comes a few months before the next Assembly elections in Delhi.

There are two types of syndrome. One is 'Economy of the broken window' and the other one is 'Fraud of the broken window'. Before the free trip for women is announced, there must first be buses for this.

Ask them (the AAP government) how many buses they have against the 11,000 buses sanctioned in Delhi, Puri told reporters here.

There are around 5,400 buses, including 3,700 DTC buses and 1,700 group buses. According to the court order, there should be 11,000 buses in Delhi.

Kejriwal has a problem of a different type. Give a full page ad, announcing that the plan will begin in the next two or three months, but have no proposal, he said.

In Parliament, Puri had previously said he wanted to give facilities to the elderly and students in Metro and, following his direction, the DMRC was working on the preparation of a new technology.

There should be some criteria for those girls and ladies who need help, said Puri.

He alleged that the government of Kejriwal has a budget of 50,000 million rupees, but it was not being used in Swachhta, Ayushman Bharat and many other schemes managed by the Center.

But he (Kejriwal) wants to grant a subsidy of Rs 1,200 to 2,500 million rupees, and we should discuss it. The BJP is all for (the well-being of) women. We will do what we can.

But, a scheme should not be like this: first your ad and then prepare your proposal, he said.

The minister said that on the issue of unauthorized colonies, he exposed the AAP dispensation.

We are going to solve the Delhi problem. This phenomenon is here only for another six months. I do not have doubts. These are people who reached number 3 (in the elections of Lok Sabha). They are disruptive, he said.

It reached a third place in five of the seven seats in the recently concluded elections of Lok Sabha in Delhi.

At a press conference, the deputy prime minister declined to comment on Puri's attack on Kejriwal, but said: We just want you to keep smiling and extend your blessings to us. There is a concrete plan and there is no lack of funds for the proposal. to allow free transportation of women in public transport buses and Metro trains.

Delhi's transport minister, Kailash Gahlot, said on June 3 that he had directed the Transportation Commissioner regarding the proposal, after which he had written the same day.

Communication with officials, including Delhi Metro, continues. Even today a meeting was held, Gahlot responded to the Puri charges that the government of Delhi had presented the proposal to offer free transport to women without any proposal.