BJP, Congress debate on whether DSP was linked to the Pulwama attack

NEW DELHI: Congress on Tuesday demanded that the government investigate whether the Jammu and Kashmir police officer Davinder singh had some role in the terrorist attack last year, which suggests a political nexus, which caused BJP to respond demanding that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi explain who was behind the attack if not Pakistan.

Singh was published in Pulwama and the accusations of the Congress take into account his name appearing in claims related to the attack of the Parliament in 2001 and was also in the frame during the recent visit of foreign envoys to J&k.




congressspokesmansaid,“forhowlonghasdavindersinghbeenactingasaconduitforj&K terrorists? What is his connection, if at all, to the 2001 Parliament attack? What is his connection to the Pulwama attack where over 42 jawans lost their lives and where Singh was DSP?”

Congress dismissed the police claim that Singh was bringing two terrorists in his car to Delhi for Rs 12 lakh on January 11. “This story is absurd. There is a bigger conspiracy. In which instance was Singh bringing terrorists to Delhi? Are there people at levels of power who are involved with it? Is there a bigger conspiracy, is it just a small pawn or a carrier in the bigger conspiracy? ”Surjewala asked.

Rejecting the office of Congress, Patra said: Congress is the best to attack India and defend and protect Pakistan. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and LeT chief Hafiz Saeed would soon praise Congress for their statements, he said, and recalled that Pakistan had used Rahul's comments. in his plea at the UN about.