2020 begins with an explosion at these university parties in Bengaluru

It was a pretty exciting start for 2020 for young people in Bengaluru, as two of the city's universities held their annual parties over the weekend. Many young people flocked to Lasya 2020, the inter-university cultural festival of Jain University (considered future), while the music festival of the National Law University of India (NLSIU), Strawberry Fields, also witnessed a large participation.

Students from various universities clashed with their counterparts to get coveted awards in various activities, such as making group announcements, fashion shows, the battle of the bands and dance performances. The dancer-choreographer-actor Priyank Sharma was the judge of the interuniversity dance competition on Day 2 of Lasya. This festival also received the Aakash Gupta comic and the Antariksh band based in Delhi on the same day. The battle ended with Manga from St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous), claiming first place.

Strawberry Fields, on the other hand, witnessed the performances of a large number of music bands and artists such as OnebyTwo, The Figs, Skrat, Parvaaz and Joshua Fernandez, also known as JBabe of the fame of the F16. The leading artists created original themes, covering genres such as rock and roll, indie pop and alternative rock. Under the category of Battle of the Bands, artists were seen interpreting their sets and competing with their contemporaries. The battle ended with Iyer’s Filter Coffee and Spotlight, claiming first place.

I was a very shy student: the standing comic Aakash Gupta

Recalling his days at the university, Aakash said: “I was a very shy student until I joined the theater society at my university. And so I explored the artist in me. Before that, I used to focus only on my studies and nothing else. During my days at the University of Delhi, we hardly used to have such big events. So, now when I act for a university crowd, it feels good and I love the energy they exude. ”

A walk along the memory lane for Antariksh

When sharing their story, Antariksh's bandmates said: Our trip as a music collective began during our university days in Delhi, when we used to play together.

Varun Rajput, leader of the band, added: “In 2012, we decided to quit our corporate jobs and become full-time musicians. And that's how the band came about. Acting for the university audience reminds us of our own time as students.

The improvised act of Priyank Sharma won the hearts of the students

At the festival, dancer-choreographer Priyank was seen asking about the efforts of each dance team and the narrative behind their performance. As a dancer, it is wonderful to see performances that have a story to tell, in addition to good dance and choreography patterns, he said. He also won the hearts of the students when he closed the competition with an impromptu performance, where he did not stick to a dance style, but incorporated freestyle, hip-hop and other genres.

Skrat completes the circle in Strawberry Fields

Chennai's band, Skrat, performed their original compositions on the last day of Strawberry Fields. Expressing how much they admire Bengaluru and the university parties he hosts, the leader Sriram said: Bengaluru is a place where many music lovers meet, who are excited to start their own bands and collaborate with other artists, while instilling to his only ones. Acquires several genres and musical instruments. When we started, I remember how we would compete in the Battle of the Bands, and it was very difficult to secure the top positions. We still cannot believe that we are leading the same festival.