Three new 'professorship chairs' and a 'distinguished professorship' at IISER Pune

PUNE: veteran industrial and Bajaj group chairman Rahul Bajaj recently announced support for three chair professorships and one distinguished professorship at the Indian Institute of Sciences Education and Investigation Pune. He was speaking at the opening ceremony of the newly constructed Hall of Residence at the Indian Institute of Sciences Education and Investigation , Pune.

IISER, the director of Pune, Jayant Udgaonkar, said in a written statement: With this new residence ready, there is no shortage of accommodation for students on campus.

Eminent scientist Raghunath Mashelkar, who was also a guest on the occassion said that 'Bajaj Car By building a home away from home, you have contributed directly to the cause of education for woman .'

'IISER Director and founding director Tirupati IISER Pune K N Ganesh recollected the early meetings and discussions that built this association with Rahul Bajaj and with Baja Car . The amount of 50 crores that Bajaj Car had then pledged as an endowment to IISER Pune is the biggest CSR contribution from Bajaj Car to a single recipient till date. Rahul Bajaj congratulated the management of IISER Pune and the CSR team of Bajaj Car in realising this project. He added that while this adds to the infrastructure of the institute, the overarching purpose is to contribute to the cause of science and to make India proud of its achievements,’ said the official note.