The lawyer sends a warning to the historian Irfan Habib for his comments on Amit Shah, Savarkar

AGRA: The lawyer emeritus of the Department of History of (AMU) received a legal notice from a defender in Aligarh for his comments against the Minister of Interior of the Union Amit Shah and ideologist of Hinduatva during a public function on the Citizens Amendment Act (CAA), which was organized by medical students of the university on Sunday.

Habib received seven days to respond to the notice. The lawyer Sandeep Chanakya asked Habib to publicly apologize for his comments, failing which legal action will be taken against him.

In the notice, lawyer Sandeep Chanakya said, “You advised Amit Shah to remove Shah from his name as it is a Persian word, you said RSS was formed to attack Muslims, you blamed Hindutva idealogue Veer of dividing the nation despite the fact that two -nation theory was propounded by Jinnah, you ridiculed the use of Gandhi's spectacles in government's Swachhata Abhiyan.

Habib's comments are against the unity and diversity of India, Sandeep added.

Professor Irfan Habib, when contacted, declined to comment on the matter.