Quiet, peaceful campus: UN administration

NEW DELHI: On Tuesday he said that classes in many schools began for the campus and he witnessed a calm and peaceful atmosphere, while a section of students and teachers continued to refrain from classes in the middle of a confrontation with the authorities about him.

The Registrar of JNU, in a statement, said the academic and administrative units of the university functioned normally on January 14, even when the campus witnessed a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

The number of student registrations has steadily increased and the last registration date has been extended until January 15 to facilitate students who have gone on leave or in academic assignments off campus, Kumar said.

Classes at many schools and centers for the new semester have begun and schedules have been loaded, he said.

Several MPhil and PhD viva-voce exams have been performed and several others have been scheduled. International academic delegations have also visited for discussions on research collaborations and student exchanges, Kumar added.

However, some students and teachers at the university continued their turmoil and boycotted classes on the subject of the rate increase.

He has been on strike since October 29 because of the problem of increasing hostel rates.