Mercedes-Benz India launches the brand of products and technology EQ

PUNE Mercedes Benz India electrified the automotive sector with the launch of its brand of products and technology EQ in India. Brand Equalizer It is an ecosystem of products and technology that aims to shape the future of mobility, which is derived from the values ​​of the Mercedes brand of 'Emotion' and 'Intelligence'. 'EQ' is the first brand dedicated to electric mobility in the luxury segment and will launch its first product 'EQC', in April 2020.

EQ: electrical intelligence is derived from emotion and intelligence brand values. Mercedes Benz It is creating a roadmap for sustainable luxury in India and the EQ brand will be an important pillar, automakers said in a statement.

The launch of the EQ brand underlines MB India's strategic initiative in the EV domain to establish a luxury electric motor in India. The electric offensive begins with the launch of the first model, the EQC, in April 2020 and will grow to add even more attractive products and services to our customers.

Mercedes Benz India is undertaking a host of sustainable initiatives in its production facility: By the end of this quarter, 45% of MB India’s energy requirement will come from renewable resources, made possible with installation of over 4000 solar panels | With this, MB India will be able to produce around 1.6 MW/year and reduce 2,600 tons of CO2 per year.

With all the efforts towards sustainability put together, by 2020 Mercedes Benz India will be a 75% Green Energy manufacturing facility, another major step towards the company’s global ambition of becoming carbon neutral, 100% compliance by the dealership network towards environment protection regulations defined by authorities. All Mercedes Benz cars are 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable, the company added.

Martin Schwenk, MD & CEO, Mercedes Benz India , said, “As the inventors of the automobile and pioneers of luxury mobility in India, we are launching the brand ‘EQ’ that will establish luxury electric motoring in India. The ‘EQ’ brand is a key pillar of our ‘Sustainable Luxury’ objective and is the first dedicated luxury electric brand in India. We felt the time was right to introduce EQ brand in India and our first product for India will be the EQC EV. We are confident that EQ will lay a strong foundation for our electric ambition in India, which will see further expansion of our green cars portfolio and also for our future.”