Pro and anti-CAA kites dot the skies of Gujarat on the day of Makar Sankranti

AHMEDABAD: While the pro and anti-CAA camps continue to maintain their respective lands, the ideological battle between the two groups was literally fought in the sky with kites on Tuesday in Gujarat on the occasion of.

The skies in the virtually became a battlefield with the competition to knock out kites with messages like We Support CAA and I Am Against CAA.

They were composed of local leaders and supporters of the ruling BJP and the opposition Congress, as well as ordinary people and members of civil society.

The kites with the messages for and against the (CAA) printed on them were distributed in thousands in the state, where the kite flight is the main point of the Makar Sankranti celebrations.

Civil society members distributed kites with students such as India Against CAA, No NPR, No NCR, Save Constitution, Save India, Hindu-Muslim Bhai Bhai, NRC-CAA Bye Bye. common people.

The decision of BJP also seems to have taken the opportunity to spread a message in support of the new citizenship law that has caused a great policy in the country.

A BJP leader from Rajkot said he had distributed 50,000 kites with messages. We support CAA in that city.

The prime minister flew one of those kites with a pro-CAA message from the roof of a residential society in the town of Khokhra in Ahmedabad.

Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani holds a kite with a message, 'India with CAA', on the occasion of 'Uttrayan', a kite flying festival, in Ahmedabad on Tuesday (PTI photo)

Life should also rise like comets and reach new heights. Gujarat is a progressive state and we will continue to progress like a kite that rises in the sky, Rupani said.

BJP supporters and local people also carried signs asking party animals to give a missed call on a dedicated phone number to register their support for the CAA.

BJP workers were also seen carrying banners and banners, and wearing T-shirts that supported the new citizenship law.

Congressional leaders also used kites to criticize the government for issues such as rising inflation, unemployment, the CAA and the NRC.

Inflation, the economic slowdown, unemployment, the increase in crimes against women are important contemporary problems in Gujarat. We hope that the kites that we fly on the occasion of Uttarayan will eliminate the pain of the people and destroy these demons, leader of the opposition in the Paresh Dhanani assembly.

Meanwhile, police stepped up patrolling and combing sensitive areas in Ahmedabad.

Teams of the Rapid Action Force (RAF) and the State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) were also deployed on the streets of Ahmedabad, a senior official said.

In Vadodara, police conducted flag marches in sensitive areas.