Women consume more sugar compared to men: study

We often find comfort in savoring our favorite sweet treats. No wonder, for most of us that is the best way to take a break from the monotony of life, even though excessive sugar consumption can be detrimental to health.

According to a recent study, it was established that the average intake of added sugar is higher among women than in men.

This survey was conducted by the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) - National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad and sponsored by the International Institute of Life Sciences - India (ILSI-India).

According to the survey, women drink about 20.2 grams of added sugar in one day, while the consumption of added sugar in men is 18.7 grams per day.

The other significant finding of the study was that the average added sugar intake among the metropolitan cities of India, measured in grams per day, was higher in Mumbai and less in Hyderabad.

Professor PK Seth, president of ILSA-India, said: the survey shows that the population of Mumbai and Ahmedabad with an average level of added sugar intake of 26.3 grams and 25.9 grams per day has a much higher consumption than their counterparts in Delhi (23.2 grams/day), Bangalore (19.3 grams per day), Calcutta (17.1 grams per day) and Chennai (16.1 grams per day).

The joint initiative of ICMR-INN and ILSI India is the first of its kind that provides information on the additional sugar consumption of city dwellers in the seven major metropolitan cities of India. At one time, the country is facing malnutrition due to overnutrition and malnutrition along with micronutrient malnutrition, the study is of considerable importance to India to help prevent noncommunicable diseases (NCDs), which attract attention considerable government. The National Nutrition Monitoring Office (NNMB) has compiled data on diets from 16 major states during 2015-16 and is coded in prescription form and metropolitan city within the city to reach the conclusion .

The results also revealed that the average daily intake of Aadded sugar in all metropolitan cities was 19.5 grams per day, lower than the recommended ICMR level of 30 grams per day. The average energy consumption through added sugar in all states was 5.1%, the report said. In Mumbai, energy through added sugar was found at the highest level (6.6%) followed by Delhi (6.1%), Ahmedabad (5.9%), Hyderabad (5.4%), Bangalore (4.1%) , Chennai (3.9%) and Calcutta (3.5%).

The survey also measured the intake of added sugar by age groups. In general, adults and older people consumed a little more sugar than younger people. The highest sugar intake was observed among older adults, the age group of 36-59 years was 20.5 grams per day, followed by the elderly (over 60 years) 20.3 grams per day.

The adolescents consumed 19.9 grams per day) and the youngest adults (in the age group of A18-35 years) consumed 19.4 grams per day, almost the same as the adolescents. Schoolchildren and preschoolers consumed 17.6 grams per day and 15.6 grams per day of added sugar, respectively.

The study also measured sugar consumption by community, literacy level, occupation, activity status and by dietary intake.

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